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In March 2024, Arbitrum Will Unlock $1.2 Billion ARB

In March 2024, Arbitrum will unlock $1.2 billion for investors by allowing them to invest in arbitrations. Want to know more about the Arbitrum token? Read on


Ethereum scaling method using layer 2 According to the data source Token Unlocks, Arbitrum will begin a four-year phase of staggered unfreezing of its original digital currency in March of 2019 with the release of ARB tokens valued at over $1 billion

On March 16, 1.11 billion ARB tokens, worth $1.24 billion at the current market price of $1.12, will be "cliff unlocked" by the protocol created to provide scalable and affordable intelligent contract capabilities

The amount that will be distributed represents 87% of the token's total 1.275 billion circulating supply. Almost 5 billion ARB tokens are still frozen as of this writing.

According to a tweet from Token Unlocks, Arbitrum will continue to unfreeze a specific number of tokens every four weeks for the next four years after the March 16 release.

According to a study by analytics company The Tie, unlocks accounting for more than 100% of the average daily trading volume tend to outweigh the token's price.