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What are the best crypto presale to buy now?


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What is Crypto presale?

A crypto presale is also called a token presale or a pre-ICO (initial coin offering). It is a raising component where new cryptocurrency offer their basic tokens to early adopters and lovers before the public deal or the fundamental ICO. Pre-launch bitcoin sales are a way for projects to raise money before they go live. A presale is an opportunity for investors to purchase tokens or coins at a lower cost than when they are listed on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Best Crypto Presale To Buy Now in 2023

  1. Sensei inu($INU):- Sensei inu is a token in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain innovation or technology. It works on ethereum organization, which is a well known blockchain stage.  What makes it extraordinary is its “proof of value” system, which is an exceptional method for compensating individuals in light of what they know and the abilities they have. The presale offers $INU tokens at a discount before exchange listings. 
  2. Booksmart:- Booksmart is joining popular streetwear style with cryptocurrency in a pivotal manner, carrying a new viewpoint to the two fields. Their aggressive plans include laying out areas of strength for a presence, shaping significant joint efforts, and making actual style centers in reality. The send off of the $BOOK token presale implies the beginning of an intriguing excursion where style and money meetup, preparing for recent fads and noteworthy developments.
  3. Wall street memes:- Wall street memes stand out as a unique story. Everything started with the colossally prosperous Wall Street Bulls NFT project back in 2021, highlighting the group’s broad information in the domain of cryptocurrency. In any case Wall street memes have more terrific desires past simply riding the wave of meme-driven fame, leaving an enduring and significant still up in the air.
  4. ApeMax:-  The ApeMax token presale offers early investors a unique opportunity to become a part of a project from the start. In addition to its financial potential, ApeMax focuses on a strong nurturing community where peoples can support their preferred online entities and interaction with an ecosystem. 
  5. Anarchy coin:-  In the midst of the vibrant world of meme coin. Anarchy coin stands proud as a formidable and practical contender. While it embraces the playful essence of meme subculture, its middle assignment is huge; to undertake and reshape the fundamental shortcomings of conventional monetary structures. 
  6. Launchpad XYZ:- In the world of cryptocurrency, Launchpad XYZ stands out as a guiding beacon for those exploring the complex landscape of Web3. Despite being a newcomer, it offers trendy capabilities that supply users priceless insights and strategies. 
  7. Bitcoin BSC:-  Bitcoin BSC is a cryptocurrency or token that is created or operates on the binance smart chain network (BSC). Binance smart chain network is a blockchain network  which is developed by binance. Binance is one among the largest cryptocurrency exchanges within the global.It’s similar to an ethereum
  8. yPredict:- yPredict plays a pioneering role in the world of cryptocurrency. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, yPredict offers predictive insights that empower its network with the knowledge to navigate the unpredictable world of cryptocurrency. 
  9. Chimpzee:- This groundbreaking project is the creation of Max Chimpzeeski, an exceptional scientist from the lush heartlands of Africa. Chimpzeeski, completely aware of the possibilities within Web3 technology, are on a challenge to convey the sector together to confront the urgent issues of weather alternate.
  10. Pikamoon:- Pikamoon is a standout presence in the world of crypto presales, merging gaming with blockchain. When you purchase PIKA tokens then, you gain access to a colorful metaverse packed with in-recreation NFT characters and charming virtual lands.

1.Sensei Inu ($INU):-

Sensei Inu

Sensei inu is also called a $INU. Sensei inu presale provides a chance to investors to purchase the $INU token at discounted rate. With its exciting name and promising function, Sensei has garnered extensive attention in the crypto community. Some reports suggest that sensei inu ($INU) might be the next “millionaire maker”. Shiba Inu is carving out a completely unique area of interest for itself. Operating on the “Proof of Value” principle, it rewards token holders primarily based on their information and competencies. This revolutionary version encourages continuous mastering and seamlessly integrates with the decentralized nature of blockchain generation. The $INU presale has been marked as one of the top events to observe in 2023, and many specialists expect a quick sell-out because of excessive call for.

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Presale details

  • Raised –         $94,615
  • Token –         $INU
  • Blockchain –       Ethereum
  • Buy With –      ETH, BNB, USDT, Card
  • Current Price:- $0.0006

2. Booksmart($BOOK):-


In the dynamic world of crypto, Booksmart is carving a niche of its own. It’s a bold vision, and one that has the potential to revolutionize both industries. The booksmart journey is both visionary and strategic. The booksmart ($BOOK) token is a movement, a brand and a symbol of the boundless potential when creativity converges with blockchain.The upcoming presale of the $BOOK token is a watershed moment, placing the stage for influential collaborations and expansive advertising and marketing campaigns. The forthcoming presale of the $BOOK token is a pivotal juncture, paving the manner for high-profile collaborations and sizable promotional drives.

3. Wall Street Memes:-

Wall Street Memes

In the crypto meme coin area, Wall Street Memes highlight a team seasoned in the crypto area. Wall Street Memes had a successful task in 2021 which is known as Wall Street bulls NFT and this sold out very fast, showing their knowledge. The presale of Wall Street Memes token was a huge hit and it raised over $25 million, and they are planning an IEO in september. At this time they have got a huge social media following. There are 2 billion Wall Street Memes tokens and out of this half of the area for the presale, 20% for liquidity and 30% for network rewards. The token price will actually rely upon the movement of the community. Wall Street Memes are different due to its big following on social media.

Presale details:-

  • Raised –         $25,000,000+
  • Token           –          WSM
  • Blockchain   –           Ethereum
  • Buy With   –        ETH, USDT, Card
  • Current Price:  –   $0.0337

4. ApeMax:-


In the world of cryptocurrency, ApeMax has a lot of attention, it generates the interest of both experienced and new crypto investors. Now you have the opportunity to buy ApeMax token at presale prices. ApeMax combines the meme culture with practical usefulness through its boost to earn system and because of this it is different from other coins. Token holders can use all its  features because ApeMax is fully functional. ApeMax combines meme coin with modern token economics. Some exclusive offers make the ApeMax presale more appealing. 

  • Presale details:- 
  • Raised    –     $893,416
  • Token      –             APEMAX
  • Blockchain –          Binance Smart Chain
  • Buy With      –     ETH, USDT, USDC, MATIC, BNB, BUSD
  • Current Price – $0.00025438

5. Anarchy Coin(ANA):-

Anarchy Coin

Anarchy coin is not a typical meme cryptocurrency. It is constructed on the ethereum platform and it combines meme culture with the sturdy foundation in decentralized finance (Defi). It is not a virtual token. The features of Anarchy coin is its decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). The Anarchy DAO is committed to charitable efforts and clever investments, the usage of Gnosis Safe for secure fund control. Token holders have the energy to pick and oversee DAO ambassadors, who manage the treasury’s every day operations.

For those interested by how the token works, Anarchy Coin makes use of a deflationary technique. This approach means that with every transaction, a small part of the tokens is permanently removed, reducing the total supply. Over time, this could grow the token’s value. But the mission of Anarchy Coin is going beyond making money; it’s an invitation to join a community that is determined to cope with deep-rooted troubles within the financial gadget and drive actual exchange.

Presale Details:

  • Raised  –     $3,141,245
  • Token    –             ANA
  • Blockchain –    Ethereum
  • Buy With  –   ETH, USDT, BNB, Card
  • Current Price – $0.00027

6. Launchpad XYZ(LPX):-

 Launchpad XYZ

Launchpad presale is not simple like other presale. In the world of  cryptocurrency, Platform XYZ isn’t simply one more presale; it’s a directing light for crypto devotees exploring the complicated territory of Web3. The core of the stage is the LPX token, which is at present accessible in its presale stage. Early financial backers get a 20% reward, making it a considerably more alluring arrangement. Yet, Launchpad XYZ isn’t just about information; it’s about prescience. It assembles bits of knowledge from digital currency specialists, offering a brief look into where the ‘shrewd cash’ is going. Their alpha Wire bunch, which settled on a great 7,000% decision on LINQ, exhibits their ability.

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However, Launchpad XYZ’s vision goes past prepared crypto financial backers. It expects to be a scaffold for clients progressing from the Web2 system to the tremendous Web3 world, guaranteeing they have the right instruments, experiences, and information. The stage guarantees an extensive encounter, from NFT dispatches to play-to-procure game presentations. To get to these highlights, you really want to secure LPX tokens. Furthermore, the stage offers layered NFT passes for their Wire bunch, going from $50 to a significant $25,000, each opening a remarkable scope of bits of knowledge.

Personal details:-

  • Raised    – $1,656,261.96
  • Token      –  LPX
  • Blockchain –    Ethereum
  • Buy With      –   ETH, USDT, BNB, Card
  • Current Price – $0.0445

7. Bitcoin BSC (BTCBSC):-

Bitcoin BSC

In the world of crypto presale, Bitcoin BSC makes names for itself. The supply and pricing dynamics of early bitcoin is recreated by the bitcoin BSC with the token price $0.99. BNB Smart chain, blockchain know about their speed and their low cost by this combination and the Bitcoin BSC is the strong contender for 2023 or 2024. bitcoin BSC separates the entity, operating independently from bitcoin. It promises for the minimal transaction fees by the BNB smart chain. 

Eminently, the distribution gives off an impression of being vigorously local area driven, with a critical part committed to presale and marking, and no undeniable designation for a group. With its blend of old-world appeal and state of the art innovation, Bitcoin BSC is set to draw in financial backers searching for the two returns and marking benefits.

Presale details:-

  • Raised           $389,652
  • Token             BTCBSC
  • Blockchain     Binance Smart Chain
  • Buy With           ETH, USDT, BNB, Card
  • Current Price:       $0.99

8. yPredict (YPRED):-


yPredict is a stage that is venturing in the spotlight with its high level of crypto examination and the research tools. They utilize computer based language like AI but especially they use natural language processing (NLP). They offer a few truly intriguing highlights, similar to simulated intelligence created exchanging signs and feeling investigation for different tokens. For the proactive financial backer, there are marking potential open doors where a piece of membership incomes and trade charges returns to the local area. They have a “Learn2Earn” program as well, which rewards clients for learning through crypto tests. yPredict is tied in with remembering the big picture. They have a 7% exchange charge on deals to empower holding, and they utilize this expense decisively to help liquidity, improvement, examination, and showcasing endeavors. Nonetheless, similar to any crypto adventure, there are gambles involved, so potential financial backers ought to be wary and take care of business.

Presale details:-

  • Raised     –      $3,769,259
  • Token       –              YPRED
  • Blockchain –             Polygon
  • Buy With      –       ETH, MATIC, USDT, BNB, Card
  • Current Price –     $0.1

9. Chimpzee (CHMPZ):-


In 2023, in the world of cryptocurrency, Chimpzee is a champion. It combines a deep commitment to environmental and wildlife conservation for earning the money. This novel task comes from Max Chimpzeeski, a wonderful researcher who is a simian and is from the rich heartlands of Africa. His vision is to utilize the force of Web3 innovation to join individuals all over the planet to resolve the earnest issues of environmental change.

Chimpzee’s biological system is a demonstration of this vision. They have a store called Shop-2-Procure where clients get CHMPZ tokens as remunerations for their buys, and a piece of the returns goes to protection endeavors. Their NFT commercial center, Exchange 2-Acquire, is bleeding edge and offers back a portion of the exchanging charge benefits to clients. Gamers can acquire CHMPZ tokens by accomplishing explicit achievements in the vivid “Zero Resistance” game.

In any case, the most unique piece of the Chimpzee experience is the restricted version NFT Identification. This restrictive token lifts compensations across the stage as well as goes about as an honorable symbol for holders, showing their obligation to Chimpzee’s significant reason. To make it much more private, Chimpzee has an artificial intelligence Symbol Generator that makes special chimpanzee symbols for clients, which can be utilized with their NFT Visas and, surprisingly, in games.

Presale details:-

  • Raised      –       $1,321,783
  • Token        –             CHMPZ
  • Blockchain –           Ethereum
  • Buy With   –          ETH, USDT, Card
  • Current Price –   $0.001
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10. Pikamoon (PIKA):-


In the world of crypto presale, pikamoon is a project which combines games and blockchain. At the point when you get PIKA tokens, it resembles opening the way to an enthusiastic metaverse, where in-game NFT characters meander around and virtual grounds call you to investigate. This metaverse is basically a pretend game (RPG) world with play-to-procure components, giving you a gaming experience like no other.

As a symbolic holder, you can utilize your PIKA tokens to get NFT symbols known as Pikamoon from a computerized commercial center. In this Pikaverse, you can browse a restricted assortment of 18,012 Pikamoon NFTs. Past symbols, the commercial center has different lifts and improvements to reinforce your symbols.

Pikamoon’s tokenomics are intended for potential development. They have a deflationary component, and that implies that 5% of all PIKA utilized in the commercial center gets taken out from the complete stock of the underlying 50 billion tokens. This shortage model recommends that the symbolic’s cost might increase after some time. The gaming part of Pikamoon takes you to the charming grounds of Dreva, where symbols participate in fights, and journeys unfurl, offering both on the web and disconnected gaming encounters.

Presale details:-

  • Raised           –          $3,949,271
  • Token             –            PIKA
  • Blockchain     –           Ethereum
  • Buy With        –       ETH, USDT, Card
  • Current Price –              $0.0007


Q1.What are the best crypto projects in presale?

Ans. the best crypto projects are as listed below.
Sensei Inu ($INU) 
Wall Street Memes
Anarchy Coin(ANA)
Launchpad XYZ(LPX)
Bitcoin BSC (BTCBSC)
yPredict (YPRED)
Chimpzee (CHMPZ)
Pikamoon (PIKA)

Q2.How do I find out about crypto presales?

Ans. To discover crypto presales, research upcoming projects on platforms like CoinList, join cryptocurrency forums, follow industry news, engage with crypto communities on social media, and subscribe to newsletters from reputable crypto analysis sites. Always perform due diligence before participating.

Q3.Is it good to buy presale tokens?

Ans. Buying presale tokens can offer early investment opportunities and potentially lucrative rewards if the project succeeds. However, it also carries risks, as the project may underperform or fail. Thorough research, understanding the project’s fundamentals, and assessing its potential for growth are crucial before investing.

Q4. Where to find new crypto projects before listing?

Ans. To find new crypto projects before they’re listed, consider the following resources:
To find new crypto projects before they’re listed, consider the following resources:
ICO Listing Sites: Platforms like ICO Drops, ICO Bench, and CoinSchedule track upcoming crypto projects.
Crypto Communities: Engage in forums like Reddit’s r/cryptocurrency and Bitcointalk, or join Telegram groups and Discord channels dedicated to cryptocurrency.
Social Media and Influencers: Follow reputable crypto influencers on Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn for insights and announcements.
Conferences and Meetups: Attend virtual or physical blockchain and cryptocurrency conferences to discover new projects and network with industry professionals.
Official Websites and Newsletters: Subscribe to newsletters of established crypto projects and platforms for updates on new initiatives.
Partnership Announcements: Monitor partnership announcements from successful crypto companies, as they often collaborate with promising new projects.
Always conduct thorough due diligence before investing in any new project.

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